I am a Web Developer with special interest in Frontend Technologies
Current Project
Placeit creates Fancy Mockups & Demo Videos. Got a product, web or mobile app? we can place it into a real usage context fast and easy. (this a project from Freshout, where i currently work) 

GitQuiz creates a custom quiz for your code repositories to find out how much you know about the history of your project. You may find a thing or two that will surprise you. (this a project from Freshout, where i currently work) 

Everything you can do with Breezi website builder is done by just clicking on the item you want to change. You can change your layout, edit your styles, and change content all within the same instance. (this a project from Freshout, where i currently work) 

Tracking estimation errors, trough time spent tracking and logging on estimation delivery and real delivery.
Monitoring application execution sequences to determine possible errors.
Monitoring application daemons without being intrusive for failure detection and error investigation.
First collaboration to an open source project that is not managed by one of my friends. Can process produce good results for a problem i did not create for myself?
Research on natural vegetation procedural generation for simple game graphics. This includes forests and deforestation lines.
Exploration of techniques to reduce "callback hell" on JavaScript programs, when is this a problem and how can be solved.
Research on data crunching and bringing the power to get knowledge from data in an easy way without writing complex scripts or heavy programming knowledge.
Gathering knowledge from big and complex JavaScript programs, like its structure, execution paths and determining potentially affected code by editing some function.
Public Projects
Create HTML smart layouts for sites and apps using css selectors.

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A better way to create Classes and Modules with JavaScript.

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JavaScript asynchronous testing framework for node and browsers.

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JavaScript Models to access local or server data.
JavaScript permission System using an ACL implementation.
Recent Talks
Design Patterns

Talk to support @siedrix at his JavaScript class on HackerGarage.

Software Arquitecture

Virtual conference for the software guru site

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Frontend Development on Breezi

Internal talk with Freshout development team

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JavaScript is not Java

Talk with the Guadalajara Java community

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Frontend JS
the witchdoctor's quest

Progression of a javascript frontend developmer in a game character analogy

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Debate on software Methodologies @ rubygdl

Talk about Xworkflow vs Value Driven Development

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Panel Software Methodologies @ rubygdl

Experiences on software methodologies where other companies participated sharing their experiences.

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